Submitting to Wax Seal

Dear Interested Submitter,

Please read the following guidelines before submitting your piece for consideration with Wax Seal Literary Magazine.

First, we are seeking pieces of short fiction or poetry, solely in the form of a letter. This means your piece should begin with a greeting to a person, group, entity, etc. and should end with a salutation from a person, group, entity, etc. We are looking for pieces under 1,000 words at this time. All genres are welcome, and we invite you to test the limits on what can be considered a “letter,” but please adhere to these simple guidelines if you want your work to be considered.

Photography and art submissions are welcome, but as we are primarily a literary magazine for written work, we cannot always accept these mediums. If submitting art or photography, please include a title for your work.

Should you feel you have work that fits nicely with the mission of Wax Seal, please send an email to waxseallitmag [at] gmail dot com, with a short cover letter and bio, and include your submission as text in the email. Alternatively, you may submit using our submission form. Please note if you have specific formatting preferences, but we reserve the right to final formatting decisions.

Lastly, we are currently unable to pay for your work – which deeply saddens us – but we will do our best to promote your piece across social media and drive readers to engage with you.

Thank you so much for considering Wax Seal Literary Magazine as a home for a piece of you. We look forward to reading it.

Best Regards,