Succulent Triumph

by Ethan Hedman

My Liege,

Having just received your letter, please permit me the honor of being the first from the capital to congratulate you as you begin making preparations for the long journey home. Word of your success has surged throughout the castle and sprung tears of joy from the eyes of your subjects. Our beloved Lady has been avenged, and your kingdom shall rest easy with the knowledge that we are truly safe at last.

I am ever your humble servant, and am deeply moved that you would ask for my counsel in the matter of this momentous task. Your intuition was quite right, of course; if the remains were to be transported, they would surely spoil beyond salvaging by the time the army reaches the city gates. This task must occur with some haste.

Each soldier deserves his fair share, to be sure, and I have no doubt the army’s cooks will prepare hearty portions to sate their rugged palates. However, for you, my Liege, and your retinue of vassals, I suggest slabs of meat taken from the thighs. These morsels should offer a certain malleability better suited towards nobility than the rest of the beast would provide. I would cook these slabs simply: thrust onto spears and rested above a tall, scorching fire until they appear sufficiently golden and ever-so-slightly crisp.

The crucial factor in all this shall be a marinade. The oil of olives will serve as a base, to be flavored quite generously with crushed cloves of garlic, finely diced hot peppers, the juice of lemons, salt, and a dash of cinnamon to suit your tastes. Should the meat rest in such a concoction for several hours–perhaps even a day–it shall be all the more tender when consumed. The flesh of a wyvern shall naturally be quite dry and smokey; it must be coaxed slowly into a more delicate, delicious state.

While this occasion must feel bittersweet, I do truly hope that you are able to enjoy this moment of feasting on your greatest foe to the fullest. May it be a fine celebration that you shall never again endure.

With compliments,

Your royal chef and stalwart servant

Ethan Hedman is a speculative fiction writer from Cutler Bay, Florida who spends most of his time trying to lure new, compelling stories out of his imagination. More of Ethan’s published works can be found on, his little corner of the internet.